Essential Features of a Great Master Bathroom Design

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When it's time to get the master bathroom you've always dreamed of, many homeowners find themselves faced with overwhelming design possibilities. While there are no set rules for what should be included in a great master bathroom design, there are several features that usually prove popular with homeowners because they enhance convenience and luxury.

Here is a list of essential features that should be considered when designing your dream master bathroom:

Walk-In Shower or Spa Tub

Large walk-in shower or spa tub. This feature will provide ample space for bathing and relaxation while still leaving ample room for other amenities in the rest of the bathroom. To make it even better, if you get a walk-in shower during your master bathroom remodel, get glass doors and cover the shower floor with natural stone for a soothing massage feeling on the soles of your feet.

Double Vanity

If you're doing a major remodel, consider adding a large vanity countertop with double sinks to accommodate two people at once in your new bathroom. Alternatively, upgrade to an even larger vanity top to hold three or four sinks so everyone can get ready at the same time.

Walk-In Linen Closet

A large walk-in closet with plenty of shelving and storage space for towels, toiletries, and other bathroom accessories. Closets like these make it easy to keep your master bathroom organized and clutter-free while still having everything you need within reach when you need it.

Natural Light

A skylight or window to let natural light into the shower area or spa tub in your master bath will make your remodeled bathroom seem even bigger and brighter. Investing in a skylight or window will provide illumination that is guaranteed to improve your mood!

Unique Decor

Decorative features such as mirrors, wall art, tile work, and more add elegance and beauty to the master bathroom design plan. These decorative pieces can be easily changed out if you grow tired of them over time without costing you extra for a full remodel. If you don't have a large budget for your master bathroom remodel, but you want a fun and sophisticated look with your tiling and decor, try adding subway tile to your shower or along the lengths of your bathroom walls.

Master Bath Bench

Convenient, stylish bathroom benches or cabinets have multiple uses in master bathrooms. Outfit the bench with lots of storage drawers to keep your towels and toiletries organized, or use it as a place to sit while shaving legs or doing other personal grooming tasks.

Plants and Flowers

Plants, fresh flowers, and other natural elements can also make attractive decorative touches in the master bathroom remodels. These organic pieces are easy on the eyes but will not spoil over time. Master bathrooms, above all else, should have the goal of feeling serene and complete. Adding plants as the finishing touches on your newly remodeled bathroom will accomplish that goal.

Hire an Interior Designer

When you're planning your design plan for a new master bathroom, consider using a professional remodeling services team to assist with the design and remodeling process. A business that knows what they're doing and has the resources and an innovative spirit can transform your Portland bathroom into something out of a remodeling magazine if you trust them with your ideas and let them do their thing. If you want help transforming your dream into a reality, contact bathroom design professionals and a trusted general contractor, like those available at RUPP Family Builders to help you get started today!

Make Your Master Bathroom Dreams Come True

Consider including all of these features in your next master bathroom remodeling project plan to create the optimum environment for relaxation after work each day. Your master bathroom should be a sanctuary where you and your significant other can feel comfortable and pampered.

Contact an interior designer and general contractor combo, like the trusted local team at RUPP Family Builders, to help you get started on the design process for your dream Portland master bathroom today! They can do a simple project or a complete remodel, and they don't just do bathroom remodels. These experienced local contractors can also give you a great kitchen remodel, or remodel your whole house for that matter! Beyond outfitting your Portland bathroom, they also service Oregon City, Lake Oswego, West Linn, and beyond.

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