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Bathroom remodeling is an ever-growing and changing industry, with new trends rising every year. It seems like almost everyone these days is getting a new kitchen, re-doing their floors, and scrapping their old bathrooms in pursuit of something fresh.

Today, we will explore some of the current trends in bathroom remodeling, and hopefully inspire some ideas for your upcoming remodel!

Portland Remodel: Bathroom Trends

These are just some of the major bathroom remodeling trends that you might be seeing pop up more and more in your neighborhood or community.

Walk-In Shower

One of the quickest growing trends in bathroom remodeling is that of a sink or tub to shower conversion ("walk-in" shower). This trend lets people re-purpose their old soaking tubs and sinks into new showers, saving them time and money on what used to be considered a full bathroom remodel.

Custom Tiling

Another rapidly growing bathroom remodeling trend is centered around installing custom tile work in bathrooms. Tile has been popular for quite some time now but because homeowners are able to choose between so many different styles, shapes, and colors, it can be difficult to choose.

The downside about tiling is, it's tedious and time-consuming. If you're considering getting new tile in your existing bathroom to spruce it up, consider RUPP Family Builders for your bathroom remodelers. Their skilled staff and professional designers can make your existing bathroom look and feel like an entirely new bathroom quickly and efficiently and within your budget.

RUPP Family Builder's bathroom remodelers do an amazing job servicing Portland, West Linn, Oregon City, and the surrounding areas. They do more than just bathroom remodels, too. They are full-service remodeling contractors, so they can do anything from kitchen remodel and basement remodels to custom cabinetry and radiant floor heating. Their experienced local contractors pride themselves on using craftsman design and your personal style to create a new space and get your house one step closer to becoming your dream home.

Adding Plants

Adding live plants to your bathroom is another quickly growing trend. This not only adds a beautiful aesthetic to the room but also benefits you because many of these houseplants are known for purifying the air.

Retro and Mid-Century Styling

Retro styling is trending in different ways in bathrooms. Some are adding designs, colors, and forms that are reminiscent of the 50s-70s while others are simply remodeling their bathroom to look like an old-timey powder room.

This can involve big bold colors, eccentric mirrors, and light fixtures if you go with more of the 50's or 60's vibe, and softer woods, simpler finishings, and thin lines for more of the Mid-Century Modern look.

Spa Retreat

Many people are transforming their master bathroom into a spa retreat oasis as a result of feeling more overwhelmed and stressed than ever lately. This involves soft white tones for wall color, bright softwood vanities, stone basin sinks, waterfall showerheads, stone or pebble shower floors, and luxurious soaking tubs.

The goal: calmness, serenity, peace, and escapism.

Whites and Soft Greens

Lately, we're seeing a lot of softer, creamier whites, and very soft, earthy greens. This, we think, is for a couple of main reasons.

First, the softer tones reduce stress, and scientifically, green is the most calming color of them all. People also strive to feel happy and fulfilled, so the calm and creamy whites add brightness to the space they spend time in right when they wake up, and just before going to bed.

Secondly, neutral and natural tones have been all the rage lately in the fashion world. Neutral, natural beauty is what people are craving in everything from clothing, and makeup to homes and accessories.

Bathroom Trend Recap

As you might guess, bathroom remodeling trends are very dependent on the general tastes of homeowners. The good news is that there are so many different styles to choose from these days that it may be easy for homeowners to at least get started with one of these common bathroom remodeling trends!

If you're in the market for a new bathroom and you need help with the design, contact your local Portland bathroom remodeling contractors at RUPP Family Builders. They are a family-run business serving the Portland metro area in all of their home remodeling needs. They offer top-tier bathroom remodeling services, and they'll do a fantastic job in transforming your existing bathroom into the master bathroom of your dreams. Get a free estimate on your project today!

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