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Is Your Bathroom Cramped and Outdated?

For such a small space, a bathroom can bring a lot of pleasure or frustration, depending on the layout and style. With innovative materials and a creative experience, our staff will make your bathroom remodel project an experience you won't regret! We are the top-rated bathroom remodel and repair business in Portland, OR, offering high-quality work at reasonable prices with exceptional customer service.

Let us turn your space into a relaxing retreat!

The top bathroom remodeling experts in Portland, Oregon

Let us turn your space into a relaxing retreat!

Choose from unique layouts and designs for any budget.

Every aspect of your bathroom remodel is handled by professionals with years of experience.

We're here to help you every step of the way during your remodel, from understanding the emotional highs and lows to collaborating with you throughout the process.

Impacting Families One Bathroom Remodel at a Time!

Customers come to RUPP Family Builders because of our company's reputation for craftsmanship, communication, collaboration, and involvement in the community. Each job is as unique as the clients who enjoy it!

We provide a comprehensive range of bathroom and house renovation services, including design and planning through installation and completion. We are thrilled to foster long-term relationships with our clients for all their home renovations needs through:

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Premier Bathroom Remodeling Services

We thrive in providing exceptional customer service, making your bathroom remodel a smooth and pleasant experience. We strive to exceed expectations with over 100 years of combined construction, carpentry, and design expertise while delivering high-quality work that lasts and adds value to your property. We enjoy what we do, and it shows in our work! 

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Long-Term Partnership

We build relationships one bathroom at a time. We have created a framework of communication to earn your faith and trust through each project phase. We want you to have a voice, be understood, and feel empowered during the emotional journey of renovating your house, striving to become your long-term home renovation partner for life.

Family-Owned and Operated, RUPP Family Builders is a small company of in the Portland, Oregon Area

Customized for Your Lifestyle

We will collaborate to create a bathroom that is unique to you. We'll design the ideal atmosphere for you to unwind in, from textures to flow. Every project involves many experts, suppliers, and designers working together to exceed your expectations. Each party's skills and talents are essential in creating a space that suits your needs and preferences.

Our Oregon home comtractor company can handle all details of bath remodel, including planning, construction, tub, shower, cabinets, and additional work

Frequently Asked Question About Bathroom Remodels

Why should I renovate my bathroom?

Remodeling your bathroom adds to the value of your home's resale price and offers comfort, safety, and convenience for years to come.

A bathroom remodel necessitates a lot of study and planning. Many people begin bathroom remodel projects with the hope of making them more attractive. However, there are a variety of reasons why someone might wish to renovate their bathroom.

  1. Existing damage: Your existing tile is already cracked or water damaged from past leaks.
  2. Home Value: Homebuyers place a high value on bathrooms. A remodeling magazine recently reported that "The bathroom is the second most important room to home buyers after the kitchen".
  3. Size and Function: Larger bathrooms are no longer as popular because materials and labor expenses have increased, making smaller, more efficient bathrooms more cost-effective. There are several options for you to consider if you want to build a smaller bathroom.
  4. Age: If your bathroom is older, it may not comply with the latest innovations or safety standards.

RUPP's distinct approach to bathroom renovation handles every aspect of the process, from start to finish. Get started on your next project by calling us now.

Should I renovate the entire bathroom at once, or should I break it down into smaller sections?

If you decide to remodel your bathroom, it's best not to do it in phases. You won't have to use a half-built restroom, and you'll be able to enjoy your ideal new bathroom sooner rather than later.

However, if you don't have another bathroom to use or are on a tight budget, doing the work in parts is acceptable. Living through a full bathroom remodel will have an impact on your daily routine.

Try to combine similar activities and professionals while renovating a bathroom in phases to save time and money. Rather than handling the two durations separately, it would be best if you tried combining them into one. In any case, labor and material expenditures will be more significant for gradual projects than all-at-once projects.

Please get in touch with us immediately to discuss your bathroom remodeling project. We recognize the financial and logistical restrictions of renovating your home, and we'll work with you to understand your circumstances and locate the best solution for your family.

RUPP Family Builders is a locally owned, family-run business that tackles any bathroom remodeling, master bathroom remodel, guest bath remodel, kitchen remodel, dining room renovations, laundry room improvements, and flooring installation in Portland, OR, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Oregon City, and the surrounding areas. If you're looking to create a relaxing space, book a free in-home consultation by calling us today!

What does a complete bathroom renovation in Portland entail?

A complete remodel generally starts with replacing your bathtub, shower, and toilet, followed by vanities, flooring, and light fixtures to create a more cohesive atmosphere. A total bathroom makeover is an excellent method to refresh an outdated look for some homeowners. Others see it as an opportunity to increase protection and convenience.

A major makeover is a big undertaking. RUPP wants you to know that you are not alone! RUPP Family Builders can handle every aspect of your bathroom renovation project, from start to finish with professional bathroom remodelers and local contractors. We welcome homeowners through the process, guide them toward their budget objectives, assist with decisions, and guarantee high-quality results and a fantastic job. We are the best general contractor for an incredible job and amazing customer service.

In Portland, Oregon, we offer fast makeovers with custom cabinetry, heated floors, double vanity options, bathroom fan options, soaking tubs, tile, new flooring, sinks, and more. Our reputation and extensive experience surpass those of other firms and renovators, no matter where you live or your zip code. Our approach to renovations allows you to stay within your budget while still getting high-quality service and cutting-edge design ideas. Request a quotation from the top Portland home designers.

RUPP Family Builders is your locally owned, family-operated company for any bathroom remodeling, master bath remodeling, guest bath renovation, kitchen remodels, dining room renovation, laundry room renovation, flooring installation, basement finishing, and more in Portland, Oregon, and the surrounding areas. For peace of mind and to schedule your free in-home consultation, contact RUPP today!

How long does a bathroom renovation in Portland, Oregon, take on average?

It's all about the size of the renovation. The scope of a total makeover is usually at least five (5) weeks, depending on the design, size, and fixtures replaced or upgraded in the new space. Existing bathroom upgrades may take longer if there is demolition work to be done. It'll also need an extra day if insulation and drywall installation are required.

More minor renovations, on the other hand, can take anywhere from two to four weeks. Depending on the cosmetic changes desired and the amount of demo required, less time is needed for more straightforward restorations that are restricted in scope. Even lesser periods are necessary if the job is minor, such as changing a showerhead or reglazing a tub.

Another factor that can lengthen the project timeline is the age and condition of the kitchen and bath plumbing components and subfloor and if repair or replacement is needed.

We're the best bathroom remodelers in Portland, OR, and the surrounding areas. To get started on your new bathroom or new construction, or if you have a few questions about the process, give us a call right now for a stress-free experience.

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