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Remodeling a bathroom can be a costly, time-consuming endeavor that requires expert installation and knowledgeable decisions.

Depending on the size and type of bathroom being renovated, it can cost tens of thousands of dollars. In most cases, it is usually more economical to pay for a professional contractor to handle all aspects of the renovation from start to finish.

In some situations when you own your home, want to make minor changes, or have only one bathroom in the house it might make sense to do the work yourself. The savings in terms of both dollars and time can be significant if you are willing to invest your personal labor in each step along the way. Let's look at some of the pros and cons of DIY versus hiring a contractor.

Pros of Hiring a Contractor to Remodel Your Bathroom

Generally, it makes more sense to hire a contractor to work on your bathroom. There are so many moving parts to a bathroom and so many facets of it that are very labor and skill-intensive. There's plumbing, electrical, tiling, bathtub and shower installation, and so much more to contend with in such a tiny space. DIY may seem doable because of its size, but usually, you end up with a giant mess.

Knowledge and Experience

The number-one reason people choose to hire a contractor is that they are experts. They are familiar with building codes, regulations, zoning laws, and changing permits. They can tell you if your master bathroom can fit things like a walk-in shower or a double vanity, or give you bathroom remodeling ideas and alternatives that will make the most of your space. Almost more importantly, they can give you a quick, realistic view of how long their bathroom remodeling services take and how much the walk-in showers and double vanity in your master bathroom, or overall full bathroom remodel will cost.

As part of their knowledge and experience as bathroom remodelers, contractors will be sure that your bathroom remodels are done correctly in accordance with all the rules and regulations in place for your area.

Do you know how to properly mount wall tile in your shower? Neither do most people. It can take many years to become an expert in certain aspects of home improvement including tiling, plumbing, electrical work, etc.; why not trust the job to someone who has already accomplished this?

Time Savings

As mentioned before, it can take many years to become an expert in every area of the bathroom renovation process. Why not save time by hiring a professional? You can leave your existing bathroom one day, and simply come back to a completely awesome new bathroom a short while later! To do the remodel right, you would need to do extensive research, mess around with trial and error, and risk potential harm working with your plumbing and electrical.


These companies will also have insurance and worker's compensation policies in place to ensure that your home and belongings are safe from damage during the renovation process. If you get injured doing the project yourself, you have to use your own health insurance.

Cons of Hiring a Contractor to Remodel Your Bathroom

Sometimes it makes sense to remodel a bathroom yourself. For example, if it's a simple remodel like just repainting the bathtub, recaulking around the sink and shower, redoing some flooring, or changing out the light fixtures and a towel rack, you might consider doing the work yourself. Or, maybe you have another bathroom you can use while you take the time to figure out how to remodel your other one, and you want to give a DIY remodel a try.

Or, perhaps you don't want to hire a contractor because you feel stifled by someone else being in your home and calling some of the shots for you and your bathroom?

Control Over the Project

The one major drawback to hiring a contractor is that you may lose some control over the project. Many times, people end up entrusting lots of decisions related to the completion of the bathroom remodeling project including design choices, materials used, and styling details with someone else based on the materials they know how to work with and what they are able to get their hands on from their vendors.

Many homeowners feel like this is an uncomfortable situation since they want full responsibility for their home but don't necessarily know what options make sense financially or aesthetically.

Hire a Full-Service Design-Contractor Team

One way around this is to hire a full-service contractor that has a bathroom designer on staff to walk through the aesthetics with you. That way, you can get advice and guidance from someone who knows what they're doing, you can choose aesthetics that you like, and you can entrust the actual work to experienced craftsmen.

One such company that offers this type of construction experience to its customers is Portland's own, RUPP Family Builders. Their experienced firm has designers on staff alongside their craftsmen so they can plan and implement the best design and functionality for your home. They not only do bathroom remodels, but they are also full-service remodeling contractors who can do any major remodel or minor project you have.

Do What Makes the Most Sense for You

In the end, whether you are able to remodel a bathroom yourself or have it done by a contractor will depend on many factors unique to each situation. If it is possible, consider what materials or skills must be applied in order for you to be successful and weigh that against the cost of hiring an expert.

Thank You for Reading! We hope this article was helpful in learning about if it's worth doing the work yourself when remodeling a bathroom. If you're interested in learning more about this topic, reach out to RUPP Family Builders, or visit their website today! As your premier, full-service, local contractors in Portland, they can do anything from a guest bath and master bathroom renovation to a kitchen remodel and basement finishing, and beyond!

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