McLoughlin House

The McLoughlin house will give you quite the historic visit! Dr. John McLoughlin and his wife Marguerite resided at Fort Vancouver until January 1846, when he retired from service with the Hudson's Bay Company. Dr. McLoughlin was the doctor who oversaw a huge fur trading business that stretched from Northern California to Alaska while serving as the chief factor of the Hudson's Bay Company's Fort Vancouver from 1825 to 1845.Because of his disobedience to company policy, McLoughlin was dubbed the "Father of Oregon" because he gave assistance to Oregon Trail travelers. After being pushed out of his job, the McLoughlins relocated to Oregon City and got involved in public life. In 1850, Dr. Forbes Barclay, his wife Maria Pambrun Barclay, and their children followed the rest of the garrison to Oregon City. Forbes quickly rose to prominence in the region, serving as mayor of Oregon City for nearly two decades. Their two homes—originally located closer to the river—are now side by side in this park, on land donated by John McLoughlin.

In Oregon, McLoughlin established himself and his family. He became an American citizen in 1851 and served as the mayor of Oregon City before he died at the age of 65 in 1870. McLoughlin and his wife Marguerite were well-known for their generosity in providing support to residents of the community. He provided loans to emigrants so they could start businesses and owned sawmills, a gristmill, a granary, a general store, and a shipping company. He also gave property for schools and churches.

The McLoughlin House, which was saved from destruction by the McLoughlin Memorial Association and moved to its present site in 1909, became a part of Fort Vancouver National Historic Site in 2003 as a unit of the National Park System. The Barclay House is also included within the unit. Park employees and volunteers, including many from the McLoughlin Memorial Association, offer a variety of activities such as tours talks events, historic house demonstrations.,

During a self-guided tour of the site, you can see four different landmarks here and get an overview of the women who lived in these homes or worked to preserve them. The Barclay House and the adjacent McLoughlin House are two historic residences in the McLoughlin House Unit. The start of this tour should be at the Barclay House, which is located at 719 Center Street in Oregon City, Oregon. The Barclay House is a two-story home with the white trim color and yellow paint. A sidewalk connects the road to the patio in front of the house. You will love the sites and history when you visit!

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