Luuwit View Park

To add to the outdoor adventures of Portland, you can also visit Luuwit View Park. Located at NE 127th Avenue and NE Fremont Street Portland, OR 97230, the park offers anything from skateboarding to picnicking to movie watching. The park is open every day from 5:00 am to midnight.

Luuwit View Park, on 16 acres adjacent to Shaver Elementary School in northeast Portland's Argay neighborhood, offers a soccer field and basketball court, accessible play and picnic areas, community gardens, a fenced off-leash dog area, and pathways with panoramic views – including a breathtaking view of Luuwit (the Native American name for Mt. St. Helens. The park's name, which honors the area's original indigenous peoples as well as commemorates the region's overall history, is a reminder of its rich heritage.

The Beech Property was originally acquired by Portland Parks & Recreation in 1984 for the creation of a park and subsequently acquired additional property in 1999. The farmhouse is located on a 15.7-acre unincorporated site adjacent to Shaver Elementary School, which is surrounded by a working farm and single-family houses in the Argay area of northeast Portland.

The site will provide spectacular views, including a stunning vista of Luuwit, as well as several modern amenities. The park's name honors the indigenous people who have inhabited the area for millennia and recognizes the overall significance of the region.

As of its October 2017 opening, Luuwit View Park is the largest and most developed park in Parkrose. Luuwit View Park provides a great deal of recreational opportunity for nearly 1,000 Portland families who previously lacked access to a park.

There is an upcoming community event featuring the movie Hook (1991). The event is open to the public and will take place on August 19th, so be sure to plan it for your trip!

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