George Rogers Park

The city's first and most unique, Rogers Park is Lake Oswego's most diverse community park. The park is located on the Willamette River, where it has been a site of significant Native American activity for 10,000 years as well as the epicenter of Lake Oswego's industrial iron history. There are athletic fields, tennis courts, a children's playground, picnic areas with river access, walking paths, and a big natural area in the park. The "Iron Furnace," which is also on the National Historic Register, is a notable relic of Lake Oswego's industrial past. In the lower park, one of the finest views of the Willamette River may be had near the furnace.  The adjacent old-growth forest provides a quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Rogers Park is one of the best places in Lake Oswego to get away from it all and enjoy nature. The park is also a great place to bring the kids, as there is plenty of open space for them to run around and explore. If you're looking for a place to have a picnic or just relax and enjoy the beauty of the Willamette River, Rogers Park is the perfect spot.

George Rogers City Park's beach on the Willamette River in Lake Oswego, which once served as the site of the Oregon Iron Company, now draws hundreds of people each summer when temperatures rise above 80 degrees. Although it is not enormous, the beach is easily the widest and sandiest on Portland's southern shore. There are no lifeguards on duty at George Rogers Beach, so bring a towel or something to sit on. While nearby Sellwood Riverfront Park Beach is frequently clogged with dogs, George Rogers beach is a paradise for families, so if you're afraid of children, this isn't the spot for you. If you have kids, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better location to spend some time during the summer.

The second major attraction at this park is the lovely children's playground. There are plenty of other activities to do in the park, including a big playground, tennis courts, and a sports field. In 2005, the park's lower reaches along the Willamette River received a much-needed makeover, including restored landscaping and habitat restoration on the bank of Oswego Creek and the Willamette River. For decades, Portland natives avoided swimming in the Willamette River. Jokes were made about what would happen to you if you did, but thanks to additional years of clean-up efforts, a $1.4-billion public works project to reduce sewer overflow, and stormwater retention projects, the river is now completely safe for swimming. The Portland Bureau of Environmental Services test for germs once every week during the summer at five distinct locations to ensure safety, according on OPB.

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