Do You Install Flooring Before Shower, Tiling, or Hardware?

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There are a lot of decisions to make when renovating your bathroom. One of the most important decisions is what order to install the various components.

Do you tile the floor before installing the shower? Or do you put in the shower pan and then fill the bathroom floor around it? What about the hardware - do you put that in first or last? This blog post will explore all of these options and help you make the right decision for your bathroom renovation project!

The Bathroom Floor: The Base of Your Bathroom Remodel

Once you have decided between tile and vinyl flooring for your bathroom, the next step is demo and installation. But if you are also remodeling the rest of the bathroom, how do you decide what order to do it in?

It's important to note that proper plumbing and drainage must be installed or checked before any aesthetic-based renovations. This is an essential step that should not be skipped since it will help ensure your fresh bathroom subfloor is will not need to be redone because of simple pipe fixes.

Flooring is one of the most important elements of any home renovation project and should always be installed first. Some types of floors require adhesive beneath them to ensure a tight fit, so it’s important to ensure this layer of adhesive or tile mortar bed is dry before laying down any tiles or vinyl planks on top.

Every other step becomes more attainable with a level subfloor as your base. Without it, you won’t get an even start on the shower floor or floor tiles. When you have a tiled bathroom built on an uneven floor tile, it can even be difficult to install lighting fixtures properly - do you hang them level or align them to the uneven wall tile?

Choosing Between Vinyl Flooring or a Tile Floor

Today's floor tile options are abundant. Traditional and classic floor tile that flows into wall tile continues to find its place in niche markets, whereas other floor tiles painted as faux wood have found their own clientele. Floor covering decisions can be especially confusing if you have your eyes on the decorative appeal and function of tile for the shower floor.

A New Bathroom From the Ground Up

After the floor has been laid, it's time for the shower floor. Showers come in many different shapes and sizes. Hence, it’s important to carefully measure where each tile will go and mark them appropriately before setting them in place with grout or adhesive. Tiling requires precision if you want a professional-looking result in hard-to-reach places such as the floor tile closest to the toilet. If you try to cut corners here, you may have to re-do the whole process once everything else is installed.

Hardware such as faucets, cabinet handles, and towel bars should also be considered when planning your renovation project, but these details should not interfere with either flooring or tiling installation. Instead, they should be added afterward for practical reasons as well as aesthetic reasons. Unlike walls and flooring materials that need a level surface beneath them for proper installation, hardware only needs mounting brackets which can easily be applied at any time during the construction process without affecting its overall look or functionality.

With this knowledge in mind, it will hopefully become easier for Portland homeowners when deciding exactly when to install flooring versus shower tiling versus hardware during their next home renovation project!

Outsource Your Tile Installation and the Rest of Your Bathroom Remodel to the Best in the Business

Portland owners who understand how each step in the home renovation process is relative to other steps can plan their projects more efficiently with properly timed installations. However, if you would rather leave it to the Portland bathroom remodel pros - we would be happy to help!

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