Designer’s Dream: A Luxurious Master-Bath Suite

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A luxurious bathroom suite can be a homeowner's design dream. A bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in the home. There are many creative bathroom design ideas and decorating options available to homeowners today. Looking to do a master bathroom remodel in your home? If you want to create a luxurious bathroom suite, there are a few things to consider when planning your bathroom design project before you get started:

Tub vs. Stand Alone Shower

When designing a bathroom suite, think about the size and shape of your bathroom. Do you have room for both a tub and shower in your bath remodel? If so, what type of layout would work best with the bathroom space that you have available? A stand-alone shower can be an elegant bathroom design option that will add style to any bathroom. It is also great for small spaces because the floor area needed will be smaller than if you add a tub to your bathroom design project.

Luxury Tile Flooring

Adding luxury bathroom tile flooring to your bathroom design can be a cost-effective way to turn your bathroom into a luxurious suite. If you want to create a spa-like bathroom, think about adding bathroom tiles that have a stone look and feel. You can also add natural stones or pebbles to the shower floor that will give the bathroom a beach-side style and appearance.

Tile Everywhere

If you really want to get crazy, tile the entire bathroom with a white subway tile or a white and gray marble-looking tile. this is a bold way to make your bathroom pop, and it will make it look uniform, put-together, and important.

Natural Elements

When planning your bathroom design project, it is important to consider how you can incorporate natural elements such as light and space. Adding mirrors above the vanity sink will open up the space in smaller bathrooms. For larger master bathrooms, however, if you want more of an open feeling with less visual clutter, then opt for frameless glass doors for your shower enclosures. Having a bathroom window in your bathroom will add natural light while making your bathroom suite feel more spacious and airy.


Adding live plants or fresh flowers to your bathroom design can also help give it a luxurious bathroom suite feel. The bathroom is the perfect place to add indoor plants because they will purify the air naturally while giving the bathroom space more light. If you are short on floor space, then consider adding hanging plants to your bathroom walls. It will brighten up any bathroom and make it seem more spacious. For luxurious bathroom suite-style, fill vases with bright colored flowers that create visual appeal and bring out the colors in your bathroom tiles or stone flooring.

Cabinets & Storage

Having cabinets for storing toiletries adds an elegant touch to any bathroom design project. Think about using glass cabinets if you want to create the bathroom suite feel of a spa retreat. If you are short on bathroom floor space, consider cabinet bathroom storage ideas that are built-in. Bathroom cabinets with double doors are another bathroom storage option that can give your bathroom design project an interesting look or you can opt for one large piece of furniture with pull-out drawers if you want your bathroom cabinet to blend in more.

If you are in need of more storage or are looking for custom storage for your bathroom, or are looking to do a Portland bathroom remodel in your home, contact RUPP Family Builders today! Their professional design team and experienced contractors will give you the best storage solutions to fit your needs, your home, and your budget. Get an estimate from RUPP Family Builders today, and make your dream a reality!

Printed Wallpaper Design

Adding bathroom wallpaper design to your bathroom walls can add a luxurious look and feel to the bathroom suite. Printed wallpapers will make your bathroom feel like a spa retreat while adding style and storage space to your bathroom design project. If you're having trouble picturing this one, or you're not convinced that wallpaper is truly back in style, browse through a remodeling magazine. You're pretty much guaranteed to find that wallpaper has come back in a major way for folks doing bathroom remodels.

There are many elegant bathroom wallpaper design options available for homeowners to use in their remodeling project today. You can even choose from different materials; some bathroom wallpaper is waterproof while others use fabric combined with vinyl or another type of easy-to-clean material that makes it ideal if you have pets running around in your bathroom.

Bathroom Accessories

Simple luxuries such as bath mats, towels, bathrobes, and slippers can turn any bathroom into a bathroom suite. Adding bathroom accessories to your bathroom design project can also help you create a spa-like bathroom retreat that will give your bathroom space an elegant feel.

Bathroom accessories are available in many styles and sizes so they are suitable for any bathroom size or shape. For example, bath mats are available as rectangular shapes while some have circular edges. Bath towels are available in either cotton terrycloth fabric or soft velour fabrics that make the bathroom seem more luxurious. Having matching sets of bathroom accessories with the same color adds visual appeal to any bathroom suite; it is like bringing the spa experience into your own home!

Heated Floors

Having bathroom flooring that is heated can also help give your bathroom design project a more luxurious bathroom suite feel. Installing bathroom heaters will make any bathroom seem more spa-like especially if you use marble bathroom tiles or natural stones such as travertine stone bathroom tile for your bathroom floors.

Double Vanity Design

Having bathroom double vanities will not only give you more bathroom storage space since there are two bathroom vanities instead of just one, but it can also help create the bathroom suite feel of spa retreats. Double bathroom sinks are usually surrounded by marble countertops so they are an example of luxurious bathroom design for small bathrooms.

Elegant Light Fixtures

Bathroom lighting fixtures can make a bathroom feel more luxurious and spa-like. You can choose from many bathroom lighting options that include: bathroom vanity lights, bathroom sconces, and bathroom chandeliers which will all give your bathroom decor a softer look. Use soft bulbs, and either bold or sleek fixtures, like brass, copper, or chrome.

You Can Have it All!

Adding luxurious touches to your existing bathroom or creating a new luxurious master bath suite can be done easily without breaking the bank. You don't have to spend really high amounts of money to get all the luxury features for your bathroom suite because today's homeowners have many options available when it comes to master bathroom renovation products and bathroom design products.

Now that you have so many bathroom ideas for a luxurious master bathroom suite, get started on creating yours today! Contact RUPP Family Builders to get an estimate or inquire about their services. See how their experienced bathroom remodelers can transform your Portland master bathroom into the space of your dreams!

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