What Comes First Tiling or Plumbing?

Let RUPP experts tile the floor in your home to get your bathroom off to the best start.

All the decisions involved in planning and executing the interior design of a new bathroom can be overwhelming. If you're one of many homeowners who initially considered redoing their bathrooms themselves, it's understandable!

There is so much industry-specific language and tools to consider when you originally might have just thought you'd be swapping out floor tiles. Thankfully, your search on the world wide web has landed you here.

Let's start at the basics to ensure your bathroom remodel runs smoothly and cost-efficiently as possible. The first common dilemma for homeowners trying to wrap their heads around a bathroom renovation or new build project: what comes first, tiling or plumbing?

Diving Into the World of Home Improvement

Home construction and renovation projects contain specialized language that can be very intimidating. Still, as someone seeks to give their homes a new look, becoming comfortable with the vocabulary is essential.

The right bathroom installation contractor will walk you through these new phrases and vocabulary to give you more confidence and control from the bathroom floor to the ceiling.

For example, floor and wall tiles should have high "moisture resistance" when installed, implying materials of this nature will need a better seal than other fixtures and items in the bathroom.

Becoming familiar with such terms will help any homeowner or real estate investor feel more confident when signing on for their home improvement project.

Why Plumbing Should Always Go Before Floor Tile

Plumbing should definitely come first when building a bathroom. Without the literal groundwork for the floor drain and plumbing work completed, a contractor would likely have to re-tile the floor multiple times to attach like water pipes just right.

Nearly every element of a bathroom relies on running water, therefore, it is essential that it be installed correctly before any concrete flooring is poured. Hastily moving through this part can leave room for water leaks that can cause structural damage in the room in the long run. This could negate much of any home value added by the initial bathroom renovation in the first place!

Furthermore, when the plumbing system is cemented in before anything else, it allows any additional building or design tasks to go faster and smoother, especially when it comes to drywalling the bathroom walls and getting a toilet installed.

Why Selecting the Right Floor and Wall Tiles is Crucial

Selecting and installing suitable tiles is one of the most important parts of any home improvement project. Whether you're completely refurbishing an old bathroom or are finally building out that second bathroom you've always wanted, consider the floor!

Will you opt for classy, durable stone or ceramic tiles? Or will you opt for a less expensive alternative to stone tiles that can still fit your intended style in your toilet and shower area?

When deciding what kind of tile to purchase, look for one that is durable, easy to clean, and will not be too slippery in a wet environment. Once you've chosen what to tile your floor with, you'll watch as the contractors use grout or caulk to install the floor tile on the subfloor or membrane.

Tile contractors will measure your space accurately before buying and cutting the tile so they can install toilet fixtures without having to redo as much, if any, of the tiling. If installing toilet fixtures in a multilevel home, they might even include a shallow pan beneath the fixture when connecting pipes and fittings so that any leaking water will be caught in the pan instead of dripping through ceilings and walls.

Floor Tiles Aren't All You Need to Remember When Planning Your Building or Renovation Project

It's important to remember that doing it right from the start will save you money, time, and energy in the long run. After plumbing, many experts recommend finishing framing to hang drywall and installing any shower stall or tub.

The best contractors will leverage fellow expert advice throughout this process, ensuring even minor details are taken care of confidently. This network of knowledge even allows you to be as creative as possible, bringing your building/renovation ideas to life in the most efficient way.

Trusting an expert provides peace of mind knowing all intricate details required for a successful build or renovation will be covered for the best results!

From Plumbing to Ceiling and Wall Tile, RUPP is Ready to Create Your Bathroom Dreams

With all of the moving parts involved in a project like this, it's important to remember to trust seasoned professionals like Rupp Family Builders. So don't worry if you're overwhelmed with all the options - we can provide guidance and offer solid advice on which materials and installation methods will best suit your customization needs.

No matter what project you take on, from renovating your bathroom to building an entire dream home from scratch, Rupp Family Builders will ensure that no detail is overlooked and nothing is forgotten about! So rest assured that you can trust them for any bathroom project - contact RUPP today with confidence.

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