Smart Home Innovations That Will Make Your Home Improvement Project Fun!

smart home innovation

As our lifestyles evolve, our homes advance, too. And with the redesign of our homes moving more towards future live, our 'new normal' is quickly growing to revolve around smart home living.

Smart home redesigns are not only beneficial in terms of saving power, reducing utility costs, and creating a comfortable home. They also consist of innovations that allow you to make your home improvement projects convenient and well-suited for you and your lifestyle.

Upgrading your home into a smart home can become a complex experience. So, here are some of the top smart home innovations to inspire a fun home improvement project!

Automated Window Treatments

Automated window treatments can effortlessly shift the look and feel of a space, all the while creating an enjoyable and easy solution to transform your home. With the ability to control your window coverings from anywhere, it's a perfect way to add a sense of security, customize the light flow for privacy or mood and even schedule the window coverings for what works best for your daily routines.

You can automatically block out the morning light or control it to let the light seep through into your rooms -- whatever works best for your needs with minimum effort. The cordless function of automated window treatment is also ideal for child safety and high-to-reach windows.

Smart Refrigerator

A smart refrigerator is a perfect innovation for shopping for groceries and looking up recipes based on the contents of your refrigerator, which are tracked through an internal camera. A smart refrigerator must be one of the most fun, intelligent innovations to incorporate into your home, with the ability to coordinate family schedules, create grocery lists, and set expiration dates for food to use while it's fresh.

One of the most enjoyable features of this innovation is the transparent touch screen to look into the fridge without opening it, so you'll only buy what you need.

Smart Stovetops

The innovation of intelligent stovetops is a fantastic energy-efficient cooking feature and is why cooking is becoming a lot faster and more simplified (and fun). Not only are smart stovetops stylish, but it's also personalized to accommodate any pots, pans, and position of your cookware.

With the ability to indicate when your cookware has been heated or removed, this smart innovation adds a hassle-free function to your day-to-day life; this is what smart living is all about!

Advanced Security and Automated Lighting

Smart lighting is an excellent innovation, which allows you to control the lighting from anywhere and adjust the color and hue to create a mood. Ideal for bedroom designs, living spaces, or even your bathroom renovations, they're a great way to save money and energy because you can control them remotely from your phone or through voice control.

Similarly, advanced security systems can be controlled and monitored remotely through WiFi using smart cameras and smart home locks, which truly make your home feel more secure and give you peace of mind.

The seamless integration of these intelligent innovations provides a safe, accessible, sleek, and energy efficient touch to your space, making home improvement projects fun to undergo.

The idea of smart living is to simplify your home and improve your quality of life, whether this is achieved through areas in your kitchen, living space, bedroom, or bathroom. Hiring RUPP Family Builders for your bathroom renovation is a great way to start with a foundation for your home improvement projects before integrating all of your nifty gadgets.

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