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You might finally have the means to renovate your bathroom. Perhaps you've found up-to-date design inspiration that has motivated you to refresh the look of your bathroom. Maybe you wish to remodel your bathroom in a recently purchased home, or you want to update that old bathroom that needs improving? Either way, renovation is a… Continue reading Tips for a Smooth Bathroom Renovation
The renovation of bathrooms in homes with small floor space differs from the typical approach to renovating a bathroom. It's crucial to consider storage, personal items, and room for movement when designing this type of bathroom. Bathrooms of this size generally are quarter baths, containing only a toilet and sink, but still need enough room… Continue reading Renovating Bathrooms Smaller Than 40 Sq. Ft.
Spruce Up Your Bathroom Style with New Faucets
Many people have a bathroom that is not only outdated but also does not match their décor. A rundown bathroom can be a complex problem for homeowners who want to renovate the space and make it more pleasing to the eye. One of the most important things you should do when updating your bathroom is… Continue reading Spruce Up Your Bathroom Style with New Faucets
How to Add a Bathtub to Your Existing Bathroom
Bath time is a luxury that many people don't have the opportunity to enjoy. Whether it be because of lack of space, or financial constraints, not everyone has access to a bathtub in their home. This article will outline how you can add one to your bathroom without breaking the bank or taking up too… Continue reading How to Add a Bathtub to Your Existing Bathroom