5 Different Ways to Modernize a Bathroom

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One of the most essential rooms in a house is the bathroom. It's where you can begin your day on the right foot and unwind when you return home. As a result, it's critical to get a bathroom that suits your requirements while also reflecting your own personality.

If you're considering updating your bathroom, you'll want to keep up with the newest bathroom renovation ideas and trends. Here are a few of this year's most popular trends that are guaranteed to modernize your home:

1. Natural Vibe

Natural materials, such as wood, stone, and marble, are becoming increasingly popular in bathroom remodels. These materials provide a touch of luxury and finesse to any existing bathroom. With people being so stressed-out these days, and since so many more people are staying at home to work, it seems that the masses have decided to implement spa vibes into their bathrooms to create a serene, peaceful escape from the troubles of everyday modern life.

2. Geometric Tiling

Geometric designs are also becoming increasingly popular in bathroom makeovers, and they can easily become a part of your new bathroom too. These patterns may be used in your flooring, backsplash, and even on your walls. If you're tiling your floor, you can go ahead and attempt this project on your own to save some dough. However, if you're thinking of tiling a more sensitive area like the walls or inside your shower, we recommend using professional bathroom remodeling services.

3. In-Floor Heat

Another popular bathroom trend is heated floors. This is an excellent way to keep your feet warm while also saving money on electricity. You'll definitely want to hire bathroom remodeling contractors for this job since it involves an electrical heating device.

RUPP Family Builders is a leading local bathroom renovation company in Portland, Oregon. Their professional bathroom remodelers not only do an outstanding job, but their contractors and design staff are up to date on contemporary bathroom trends, so they can offer you excellent advice and ideas for your bathroom remodel needs. To acquire a quote on your full bathroom remodel, contact them now. They will also do your kitchen remodel too.

4. Smart Home Technology

In recent years, smart technologies have started to appear in bathrooms. Hands-free faucets, toilets, and showers are some examples of this. This is a fantastic way to make your existing bathroom more efficient and convenient for visitors. Bathroom remodeling companies will tell you they're seeing an exponential amount of growth in smart home improvement projects, so hop on this trend before your local contractors get booked up for the summer season.

5. Standing Tubs

While many people might prefer a walk-in shower, a freestanding tub is a lovely addition to any bathroom. A luxurious soaking tub with some gorgeous antique plumbing components adds a touch of luxury and may help you create the ideal spa-like, elegant getaway in your own home. Vintage claw baths are all the rage these days, with an emphasis on ivory and off-white colors. For you Portland homeowners out there, we recommend hiring a bathroom remodeling company to do the bathtub install for you, so you don't scratch your tile floors, dent your walls, or mess up your plumbing.

Ready to Remodel?

These are just a few ways to make your bathroom a modern oasis. There are, of course, many more ideas to spruce up your space, but these five should get you started on the path to a better, more enjoyable bathroom.

Reach out to RUPP Family Builders now if you're ready to get started on your bathroom makeover. They'll collaborate with you and their in-house interior designers to create a fashionable, stylish, and modern bathroom that fits your budget and demands! Don't put it off any longer; contact them right today for a quote!

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